BodyType v0.1

Create fonts by waving in thin air!

I have finally found some time to build a semi-standalone binary (Mac OS X 10.6 or better) of BodyType, my Kinect-based font creation software. This version supports only UPPERCASE A-Z and 0-9. If you want to create more glyphs, let me know. The download includes a README.txt file that, as its name indicates, you must read. BodyType v0.1 is dependent in other libraries and programs in order to create your fonts properly and that file explains how to install them. They all should be installed with MacPorts.

The code is also available for download in Google Code.


This project was done as part of the requirements to complete the Spring 2011 Interactive Art and Computational Design course with Professor Golan Levin in Carnegie Mellon University.

BodyType was built with openFrameworks and makes use of ImageMagick, FontForge and Potrace.