mini mga

hello, my name is

mauricio giraldo arteaga


i’m a designer, developer, tinkerer, artist. i used to work writing code as a software engineer for capital one bank. before that, i worked at the digital public library of america where i was principal interaction designer, in charge of all things ux/ui and front-end development. before that, i was writing code at the new york public library, making ebook borrowing not suck, while also automating map vectorizing with some extra volunteer help. i have also done some funky stuff with stereographs and restaurant menus.

i studied industrial design (’00) at universidad de los andes (bogotá, colombia) and then went on to found a web development company where i was active from 2000 through 2007. i left and founded pingpong estudio which was receiving clients until 2010 when i decided to pursue carnegie mellon university’s master of human-computer interaction (’11). i’ve been in new york city since graduating.

i also like to write tutorials (in spanish or in french if you prefer) and other random work-related things.

this is a not-exhaustive portfolio (to be improved, as is any portfolio ☺︎) but mostly shows that i enjoy playing with code, objects and all things interactive. i’ve also done a few experimental ios apps: movepix (2015), edda (2015), bitpix (2012), and pagans (2010).

if you want to see me, there are a couple of videos:

you can also view slides of other talks i have done that i did not highlight above.

i also upload photos to flickr and have a bunch of “listens” in

check out some of my github activity, read my blog, or follow me on twitter (you won't regret it).

there is also an old site (2006) which has some more info in case you are curious.

my email is hello (at this domain).